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How to Use AI to Write Essays for You?

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Jennifer Patel

Jennifer Patel

University of Alberta

Great Experience

“I've used a few times now, and it’s been a great experience. The essays are thorough and well-researched, which is exactly what I need.”

Business Administration

Liam Smith

Liam Smith

Simon Fraser University

Very Helpful

“ has been very helpful, especially when I'm overwhelmed with work. The essays are well done and have helped me maintain my grades.”

Political Science

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

University of Toronto

A Great Tool

“ helped me a lot during finals. The essays were well-written and saved me a ton of time. Definitely a great tool for busy students.”


David Lee

David Lee

McGill University

Was Really Good

“I was skeptical at first, but the essay I got was really good. It covered all the points I needed and followed the format perfectly. I'll be using this again.”


Emma Clark

Emma Clark

University of British Columbia

A Great Resource

“The essays from are solid. They match my writing style well, which is something I was worried about. It’s been a great resource for my assignments.”


Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali

York University

Highly Recommended

“This tool has been a lifesaver for me. The quality of the essays is impressive, and they always meet my deadlines. Highly recommended for students.”

Computer Science

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Find out how our top-rated essay writer AI can help you succeed in your studies. Whether you need help finding topics, summarizing information, or writing complete essays, our tool is here to make writing easier and more efficient for students across Canada. Get high-quality, custom essays tailored to your needs, and save time on your assignments with the best AI writing assistance available.

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  • No Sign-Up Needed: You can try our essay writer for free without having to sign up. Just type in your topic, and it will create an essay for you at no charge. If you like it and want to use it more, you can then sign up.
  • Tailored Help: Our essay maker looks at what you need and how you write to make essays that fit your style and requirements.
  • Saves Time: Our tool helps you write faster by doing things like suggesting topics and fixing mistakes, so you can focus on your ideas.
  • Gets It Right: The AI makes sure your essay is accurate and stays the same all the way through, so you don't lose points for mistakes.
  • Always Learning: Our essay bot learns from you and gets better over time, making your essays even better.
  • Easy to Use: Our tool is simple and easy to understand, even if you're not used to using AI.
  • Handy App: You can get our essay writer app from the App Store or Play Store, so you can write essays wherever you are.

How Does Our AI Tool Write Essays For You?

Our AI powered essay typer operates through a series of sophisticated processes to generate essays tailored to user-provided topics.

Initially, it analyzes the topic using advanced natural language processing algorithms, identifying keywords and phrases to grasp its central theme. Drawing from its extensive training in diverse texts, the tool retrieves relevant information from its vast database of knowledge, including facts, concepts, and arguments related to the subject matter.

As it formulates an outline or structure for the essay, it also identifies suitable references to support the content. These references are drawn from authoritative sources, and our AI essay writer with citations, integrates them into the essay, providing credibility and supporting the arguments presented.

Further on, employing sophisticated language generation techniques, the tool composes coherent sentences and paragraphs that convey ideas effectively while adhering to grammar and style conventions. Throughout the writing process, the tool carefully refines the essay based on user feedback, adjusting its approach to improve quality. Upon completion, the final essay, complete with properly cited references, is delivered to the user in a readable format, ready for review or further customization.

Through this detailed procedure, our AI essay generator offers a convenient and efficient solution for producing high-quality written content on a wide range of subjects.

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