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Essay Topic Generator - Find Best Essay Topic Ideas in Seconds

Welcome to the ultimate source of inspiration for your essay assignments; Our innovative essay topic generator!

This tool is your best partner to help you with the most crucial writing step: Choosing an interesting and engaging topic.

Effortlessly combining artificial intelligence with relevant research, our essay topic generator offers a variety of topics that suit your needs and interests. Whether you're a professional writer looking for fresh ideas or a student searching for a suitable topic, this tool is your gateway to an efficient writing process.

Using Essay Topic Generator in Simple Steps

Using our topic generator tool is easy and fast. Just follow these easy steps for instant success:


Enter the Subject Area/Theme

Specify the subject area or theme that you want to write about. E.g., if you want to write about social media, enter "social media, digital culture".


Provide the Type of Essay

Input the type of essay you want to write. Choose types such as argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, expository, compare and contrast, or others.


Mention the Target Audience

Tell it who you are writing for. You can mention the target audience, such as college students, the general public, the academic community, etc.


Specify the Tone

Provide the tone that you want to use in your essay. You can specify the tone by using adjectives, such as formal, informal, academic, serious, humorous, or sarcastic.

Why Use Essay Topic Generator - Our Top Features

Finding a good topic for your essay is a challenging and time-consuming step. You have to consider many factors, such as your interest, purpose, audience, and scope. You also have to avoid topics that are too broad, too narrow, too common, or too controversial.

That's where our AI Topic Generator comes in. Here are the best features you get with our smart and innovative tool.

✌️ Relevant and Original Topics

Our essay title generator analyzes your input to generate topics that are relevant and original based on your keywords, type of essay, target audience, and tone.

💡 Multiple Topic Suggestions

It provides multiple topics for each set of inputs. You can choose the topics that match your purpose and requirements, or modify them according to your preferences.

🎓 Topics for Different Academic Levels

Get suitable topics for various academic levels, such as high school, college, or university. You can find topics that suit the level and expectations of your audience.

✅ Save, Copy, or Share the Topics

Our AI Topic Generator allows you to save, copy, or share the topics that you like. You can save the topics for later use or share them with your friends or classmates.

Here’s How AI Topic Generator Helps You Out

Using AI essay writing not only ensures a great essay from start to finish but also benefits you on a personal level. Here are the most common advantages for essay writers.

⚡ Get Started Effectively

Having an excellent topic is essential for producing a high-quality essay. With our AI Topic Generator, you don't have to waste time and energy trying to come up with a good topic when you set out to write your essay.

⌚ Save Time

With our AI Topic Generator, you don't have to spend hours searching for sources or information to find a suitable topic for your essay. Our tool provides quick and interesting suggestions for you to choose from.

⛱️ Say Goodbye to Confusion & Stress

You can save yourself from a lot of worry and stress. With AI help, you’ll have a clear direction for your essay in no time. Save your mental energies for things that really matter.

🙋 Boost Your Creativity

With AI-generated topic ideas, you don't have to settle for boring or clichéd topics for your essay. You can boost your creativity, think out of the box, and write an essay that stands out from the rest.

Preferred by 1.50 M+ Writers Worldwide

Millions of students rely on’s Essay Topic Generator, which has become the ultimate source of inspiration for users throughout the globe. With its quick and high-quality results, it has become increasingly popular among writers!

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